The knit happens video shows how this landscape will grow over time in Chatham docks.

This project was an exploration of solutions for areas at risk of river or coastal flooding. Based on the news that the Labour government want to build 200,000 new homes in the Thames gateway.

There are huge environmental issues surrounding this decision. One2One is an exploration of how we could use local landfill systems to create a new landscape of flood defenses that would grow over time.

one2one 5

A higher awareness of ones consumption and production of rubbish could be possible if rubbish is treated and process where one lives, instead of being whisked away and completely forgotten about.

one2one 3

This closing of the rubbish cycle and consciousness of what we produce is necessary for a more sustainable life-style.

Biodegradable rubbish would be placed in containers along the river bank - creating a new undulating landscape. A knitted fabric using discarded yarns hold seeds native to the area. THis fabric is placed above the landfill crates, and over time the seeds establish themselves, with their roots binding the biodegrable waste together.

one2one 2

Over time, this new landscape will become an establish river bank and help protect against flooding.