Emirates National Bank of Dubai - Private Banking Offices

RIBA Part II Architectural Assistant at AIS Brandlab - Barcelona 2008-2009

Rebranding of ENBD Private Banking office in Knightsbridge, London. The bank’s motto ‘The Art of Banking’ was taken as the concept for the design, creating luxury spaces for the bank’s wealthiest clients, transforming the branch into a gallery space rather than a typical bank branch.
Client experience is the key to the design, inviting them to book meeting rooms and seating areas from where they can do their business. Choice of materials and colour schemes is vital to create a completely new, luxury experience to banking.
A high end branch fit-out for Emirates Bank, Burj Dubai. The Private Banking concept has been applied to PB branches in London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in order to create a strong world/wide brand for the company.
Furniture and wall panel systems have been specially designed, using the same concept in each office, but adapting to each space, or country’s building regulations.

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